Fishing Reels = Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance

I slipped on a submerged rock and down I went with reel and rod in hand.  It was just for a moment but the reel was definitely operating roughly and the drag was slipping.  With no spare in the pack my day was done.  But, it started me down this road, researching and putting my research to practical uses.  After learning my ABU’s I began on my Shimano low profiles and round reels.  The results were amazing.  Soon I was tearing down my new reels and making them even better than new.  Just simple flushing of the new bearings, using high quality oils, replacing the stock drag washers improved casting, decreased backlashes and upgraded the stopping power of the reel.  I was convinced.  Next was upgrading bearings, polishing metal to metal parts, drag washers and gears.  Results were amazing for throwing weights that are standard for Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon rivers.  The smoother drags performed at a higher rating.

I plan to share what I have learned through my experiences and research to help others get the most from their investment in reels and to make a more enjoyable fishing experience for everyone.


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