Tools for Servicing Fishing Reels

Sanity Layout

I call this my sanity mat.  As you take apart your reel, snapping  photo’s with your smart phone, lay the parts out in order that they were removed from the reel.  Clean and inspect by the numbers only, one piece at a time.  Tools are pretty simple:


Tools for maintenance and super tuning.  Only thing not shown is my Dremel tool with an extension for polishing with hair brushes shown above under the bearing blower.  I use a plastic brush for most parts and the brass brush for the gears and pinions.  Everything above is readily available online from various websites.

oils and lube

Shimano Drag grease, TG Rocket Fuel Yellow, Quantum Hot Sauce Grease and TSI 321 high speed oil


Cal’s Drag Grease, Brake cleaner, CorrosionX, Compressed Air, Super Lube, Lighter Fluid


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