Want More Stopping Power From Your Fishing Reel?

Super tuning your bait casters drag system is easy and improves the performance considerably.  Carbon matrix drags from smoothdrags.com for your model reel.  Order up some lapped metal drag washers too.  Next you will want to polish the brass gears and drag washers with some Simichrome polish paste.  First clean it with simple green to remove all grease and oil residue.  Load a Q-tip in your Dremel tool and use a small amount of polish.  I have used a toothpick with a small amount of cotton ball wrapped around it for the same procedure.  Start slowly and keep the tool moving across the target.  The paste will turn black as it removes the oxidation and stains.  Pay particular attention to where the drag washers rest against the brass gears.  Clean with alcohol and a soft cloth.  You should see a mirror finish.  If not keep going!  Next  the metal drag washers.   Follow the same procedure but I use a cotton buffing wheel that came with the Dremel tool.  Once you are happy with the mirror effect reassemble your drag using a very small amount of drag grease to cover the carbon drags.  The end result will be a smooth drag with more stopping power!  Win Win!

IMG_6153 IMG_6157


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