Fishing Reel Parts Websites

I am publishing a list of websites that I have personally used with great satisfaction.  There are many that I have not tried, given I don’t stray far from a good thing when found.  Parts sites:

  1.  Southwestern Parts, Dallas Texas

Extensive parts lists for most of the most popular reels from the major manufactures, fast service and accurate. 

2.   Hedgehog-studios, Japan

Great selection of custom reel parts and upgrades for Shimano, ABU and Daiwa reels.  Also the best prices on Daiwa 555 drag grease that I have found.  I also use their wrenches, cap pullers, bearing tool and reel handle cap removal tool.  High quality tools made specifically for reel freaks.  The sell awesome selection of oils and greases.

3.   Smooth drags

Carbon drags for most common reels.  Excellent quality and service!  Selection of bearings both steel and ceramic.

4.   Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings

5.     Pro Challenger

6.     Scotts


8.     Motive Fabrication

9.     Cortez Conversions

10.    Berinson Tackle

11.     Vintage off shore tackle

12.     Mikes reel repair




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