Fishing Reel Tools

My tool box for working on fishing reels.  Wiha,  out of Germany makes some great screw drivers for all the sizes we use.  I use the 260 3.5 x 60 slotted for end plate screws, 261/PHO x 50 and x 60 for the same and the 260/1.5x 40 for those pesky retaining clips.  I use a pair of cheap needle nose pliers stubby for securing the pesky raining clips back into position.  Hedgehog Studio makes a great bearing check tool, Blue, Bearing removal and handle knob removal tool, Purple and the Red 10 mm and 10.2 mm wrench for handle nuts.  Last is the trusty nylon cleaning brush for cleaning grease and gunk from everything.  I am quite certain that this selection will grow as I start working on additional manufactures reels.  But this collection handles everything on ABU and Shimano!  Let’s see your tools!


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