Fishing Reel Greases

Drag grease, Gear grease, bearing grease, good god grease, waterproof grease, Carbontex drag grease, Yamalube, Cal’s grease, cold climate, warm climate, Shimano greases, Daiwa greases, Quantum Hot Sauce grease, Abu Grease, Penn Grease, how many and what goes where and when?  Each has different traits, different uses and different viscosities, heat resistance  and corrosion resistance.  For the sake of simplification, I will discuss only greases for bait casters being fished in the local rivers for salmon and steelhead in fresh water.

First off, the shear volume of  options is mind-blowing.  I have used many and most perform just fine with  proper use and regular maintenance.   There are many premium greases on the market more than  I have listed.  So here we go, Carbontex drags can be greased with the industry standard Cal’s.  Great product and hold up well under heavy use.  Recently I have been using Daiwa 555 Carbontex drags.  Soaked over night and wiped clean this product produces a smoooooth drag.  Only time will tell it’s longevity and resistance to water and corrosion.  Oh I should mention that this grease will set you back quite a few bucks.  Online its like $26 for a 2.5 oz jar.  Cal’s the old stand by is much less expensive and is a known quality product.

Gears.  One of the questions that needs to be asked is cross contamination between greases and oils and how that impacts performance of each.  One of the reasons people use Cal’s on gears and drags is they don’t have to worry about contamination.  However, if you are concerned about saltwater corrosion than using Yamalube marine grease is the ticket.  It is Blue and you can easily determine where it is and where it is not.  I have not had any contamination issues.  This stuff is tough and forms a barrier around most at risk parts of your reel.  I use it on all screws and screw holes so that I am not having to break off any corroded screws in the future.  A light coat inside each side plate and all metal parts except drags seems to really prevent expensive problems.  Cheap insurance to protect your investments!






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