Winning The War Against Fishing Reel Corrosion

Just spent the morning servicing the following reels:

  • Abu 6501 C3
  • Abu 3600 C
  • Abu 5000
  • Abut 5501 C3

All four had been sitting for sometime and had not been properly maintained.  The common thread between all of them was the lack of lubrication.  Worm gears dry, bearings rusted, frame screws locked and corroded, handles locked in place.  All of them had old grease that was more like hard putty than grease.  Mix in the calcium deposits, and green rust on the chrome parts, these things looked like hell.  Three of them would not even turn when moving the handles.  Which brings me to the point of this post.Abu 5000

Whether you fish in saltwater or freshwater regular lubrication is vital to the operation and longevity of your investment.  A couple of drops of oil would have kept these reels usable for much longer.  Lightly spraying water on the reels removing the gunk after the trip would have helped in keeping them operational and preventing corrosion.  So how exactly do we win the war on corrosion?  Using the right lubrication in the right places goes a long way toward winning over the hearts and minds of our enemy!  Yamalube is a marine grease that is waterproof and has additives that prevent corrosion on metal parts.  Alan Tani, of turned me on to this stuff and it is awesome!

When servicing a reel I put a light coat on the inside covers and all metal parts except the gears and drags.  This way,  when water and other contaminates enter the reel they are met with a worthy opponent!  Trying to remove a frame or handle screw that has been corroded is very frustrating and generally leads to stripped screws and snapped off heads.  Not to forget the joy of removal.  Some have to be heated with a torch then instantly put into the freezer to unlock the screw.  If that fails, Kroil penetrating oil left on overnight does the trick.  You can avoid this entirely by adding  some Yamalube to each screw hole before you replace the screw after service.  This little step prevents the screw from locking in place.

The last step in the war is the final wipe down with CorrosionX sprayed on a clean rag and wiped on the entire exterior  of the reel.  This helps with keeping water off the reel and provides protection.

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