Abu Garcia 5000 Rehab

The owner’s story was one that I hear frequently.  “This was my very first reel I bought back in 19xx!”  Thank goodness that the old reels handle abuse a little better than the new reels. Once I got it broke down some observations.  Here is a 30+ year old reel that had never been serviced.  Luckily it was used in freshwater and only had light corrosion and mineral deposits.  No oil, and the grease was long past providing any protection.  Bushing vs bearings seems to have prolonged the life of this reel.  Had the reel been with bearings they would have been rusted to the spool shaft and side plates requiring replacement or heavy work.

Abu 5000Springs were tired but other than that everything cleaned up great!  One thing you don’t see in these  old reels wheel houses is lot’s of plastic parts.

Abu 5000 gearsThe frame screws and cover screws were locked but broke free with some Kroil.  Still a great reel that is ready for use or display!



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