Greasing Carbontex Drags

Upgrading your standard factory drag washers with Carbontex is a simple upgrade that delivers superior results.  The benefits are more drag pressure and smoother drag performance.   Old drags start with a jerk and get sticky throughout the whole range of pressure.  This can lead to lost fish and broken lines and dreams.

Carbontex drags from perform better at all drag pressures and as a bonus, when lightly coated with Cal’s drag grease, greatly decrease start up.  No more sticky drags, no more broken lines or pulled hooks.  Just as the name suggests, silky smooth drags at all settings.  So how much grease is needed?  The answer is always less than you think.  Make sure to coat both sides completely with just enough that you can see your finger print in the grease.  That’s all you need.  Putting on more just means you will have more to clean out of a reel at the next service and could lead to grease contaminating other oiled areas of the reel.



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