Fishing Reel Winter Tune Up

Salmon season is winding down and the winter run steelhead are starting to show up in the local streams in the Pacific Northwest.  Chances are that you used your gear a bunch during the salmon season.  With the use comes the need for cleaning and re-lubing to bring the reel back to its best.  After all, do you really want to miss the steelhead of your dreams to a sticky drag?

Here are the minimum steps to follow to ensure the most important part of your fishing gear is working flawlessly:

  1. Oil spool bearings
  2. Oil Worm Gear
  3. Pull line off the reel when the drag is 1/2 and 3/4 strength, does it start smoothly?  Is there any hesitation?  If so, cleaning the drag washers are required.  After cleaning re-lube them with grease.
  4. Oil or grease handle knobs
  5. Clean and lightly oil the spool braking ring
  6. Clean and lightly oil brakes
  7. Spray some dispersant on a clean rage and clean the exterior of the reel and reel foot to help protect from future water and foreign contaminates.




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