The Shimano Curado

I have fished these little dreams for many  years for Pink salmon and summer run steelhead in freshwater.  They cast like a dream and have pretty good drags.  One of them was rather abused over the years and it definitely took more than one fall.  But to my pleasure, it still runs like it was brand new.  Years ago I replaced the stock Shimano drags with Carbontex, polished up the pinion, main gear and braking ring.  As a result I have a great light action reel that is spooled with 8lb and 10lb monofilament.


I have been searching on ebay and have found these little jewels for a fraction of their initial cost.  You can easily pick one up for under $40.00.  If you get a chance to pick up a few they are worth it!  They cast light weights easily and have a good gear ratio.  Put some new high end bearings in the spool and boom!  You have a great reel at a fraction of the price of new models!



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