Shimano Calcutta 251


Shimano Calcutta 251

For years I used these in the drift boat on plug rods for salmon and steelhead.  Now I have moved them to my salmon bank rods and have been so impressed with their performance.  They are my go to King, Silver and Chum reels loaded with 30lb PowerPro these fish don’t have a chance. I was able to increase the drag pressure on them from stock by using greased carbon matrix drag washers.  They cast medium to heavy weights well and the backlash control is amazing after some tuning.

  • New ceramic sealed spool bearings
  • New Carbon Matrix Drag washers
  • Polished Gears
  • Polished Pinion
  • Polished spool shaft ends
  • Polished braking ring

These seem to be a little more difficult to find on eBay.  At present I could only find two online.  At $75.00 they are still a good deal.  Consider you will spend about $40.00 additional in upgrading the drags and bearings and you have a very solid, stable, reliable reel.  Price to performance is very low on this investment.  Target prices $50-$75.00 depending on condition.




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