Screw Drivers and Fishing Reels


“Use the right tool for the job” screamed my wood shop teacher 30 years ago.  The old instructor,  who could turn wood on the lathe like a true artisan,  was always right.  Take the time to find and use the proper tool for the job will save time and materials.  When it comes to the incredibly tight tolerances on fishing reels, the margin for error is even smaller.  Stripping a screw on a fishing reel is not a pleasant experience.  You have invested in quality reels, do yourself a favor and invest in some quality screw drivers in the proper size for the job.  There are many options for quality screw drivers and I think that the proper size is probably most important.  I use Wiha from Germany.  I have not been disappointed in their performance.  I have some Craftsman screw drivers left over from an old set for the larger sizes that work just fine.

Wiha sizes:

  • 260/1,5 x 40 is perfect for removing e-clips
  • 260/3,5 x 60 slotted
  • 261/PHO x 50 side plate screws
  • 261/PH1 x 60 side plate screws


  • 41586 W WF frame screws for ABU Reels
  • 3/16 41581 R PR frame screws


If you work on reels long enough you will come up against your enemy,  rusted or corroded screws that will not budge even with the right tool.  Worse yet stripped rusted screws are the nightmare from -ell.  Try penetrating oil like Kroil, heat and cold treatment, finally the trusty small vise grips.  Usually between the three options you can get them out.  A small dab of grease on the screw and hole before you replace it can help prevent it in the future.




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