Baby Tank Penn 1/0 Fishing Reel


They all start pretty much the same, a good buy on eBay then the wait time wondering if your investment will require little to no time to turn around or if it will be a time suck.  This little beauty came in today and was in 5/10 shape.  No major issues, little corrosion and mostly just old grease and staining.  After breaking it down and soaking it in CLR and Simply Green and some scrubbing and rubbing.  I think I have a winner!  The 1/0 are hard to come by in this shape.

The list of upgrades are as follows:

  • Tiburon P21 Frame in Silver
  • Aluminum Penn 501 spool Black
  • Carbon Fiber Drags from
  • Stainless Steel Gear Sleeve from Scotts
  • Handle and knob from





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