The Penn Jigmaster 501 “Raven” Fishing Reel

The next project will be a tanked Penn 501 with purple frame and spool from Tiburon.  Black side plates form Cortex conversions.  Stainless steel guts from Pro Challenger.  5+1 Stainless steel and carbon matrix drags.  Handle and knob from Accurate.    Going to upgrade to SS gear sleeve from A stock Penn 501 from eBay.


We start with a stock Penn 501 from eBay for $50.00.  I found an Accurate power handle and knob from Berinson Tackle in Purple.  Off set aluminum handle for more cranking power $80.00

accurate handle and knob

Vintage Offshore helped with the Tiburon P21 Frame, Spool and rod clamp! Special thank you to Randy for his great service and genuine love of the gear! $150

P21 Purple

Stainless Steel Star Drag $19


Stainless Steel Gear plate, gear, pinion, eccentric and gear sleeve $109


Jigmaster 501 Gear sets and

Stainless steel and Carbon Matrix drags 5+1 Bryon Young Ultimate Upgrades $26


Bearing cups with spool bearings and black side plates from Cortez Conversions $109

IMG_0429_zpsoxvsspubBlack Side Plates.jpg


I have never focused on the costs of these upgrades but rather the value to the end product that they deliver.  Frame twist is the enemy!  By upgrading the frame and preventing twist,with a tight fitting drag sleeve this allows us to upgrade the rest of the reel with stainless steel and enhance the strength all the way around.   Where stainless steel can be used in delivering strength in critical components it is installed.  Slap the 20-30lb mono on it and bring on the bottom fish!










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