Fishing Reel Toolbox

Seems like every time I crack open a new reel the need for another tool arises.  What started as a simple few screw drivers and wrench has blossomed into a full blown fishing reel tool box!

Lately, I have been making custom Penn reels and they need a little tweek here and there.  They also have larger bearings and those bearings need grease instead of oil.  So into the arsenal goes things like sand paper, 600, 1000 and 1500 grit.  Small files, Torx bits, hex bits, vise grips, a digital caliper and some specialized tools like the Alan Tani’s bearing greaser.  Connected to a small grease gun it makes packing these bearing a breeze.

One tool that seems to be getting a work out more than I had originally anticipated is the rotary tool.  It grinds, sands and polishes with the proper attachments.  I have used it to sand down the diameter of spacers and increase inner diameters of the same with a grinding stone attachment.

Another helpful addition is a product called CLR.  It removes corrosion and gunk better than anything else I have found.  Used sparingly and quickly it makes salt water reels clean up quick and easy.








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