Great customer experience

If you are like me, you value the personal touch when doing business.  In this day and age of internet shopping and the decline of the brick and mortar stores, it is a rare transaction the occurs with a human on both ends of the process.  I have been fortunate to find a company that leads with service and a smile.  That company is Vintage Offshore Tackle, owned and operated by Randy Pauly.  The link above takes you to a section on dedicated to his products and service.

Randy specializes in locating hard to find parts and accessories for Penn, Accurate, Newell reels at very reasonable prices.  He has an incredible collection that is constantly being added to with his efforts.  Want colored side plates?  Need a colored spool?  Want a custom reel built?  Randy is the guy!  Don’t waste time trying to look him up on the web, he has no site.  You can contact him via email at





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