Tanked Penn 49 Super Mariner Fishing Reel

This will be a bottom fishing reel with 30lb mono with a fast retrieve.  This reel can retrieve nearly 3 feet per crank.  Originally used for wire line trolling before the advent of down riggers the Penn 49 is a beast.  First off I have to find an aluminum spool as the chromed brass spool weighs a ton and does not handle heavy mono well.  Upgrade the gear sleeve to stainless steel and replace the stock drags with carbon matrix.  I found a great Accurate off set handle and knob for easy cranking.   The search is ongoing for steel gears to round out the upgrades.  Stock gears are 3.5:1.  I found a guy on Ebay that makes custom Stainless Steel frame posts which will be a great upgrade for strength and corrosion resistance.

Penn 49 Super Mariner garage sale find near mint condition  $10.00

Aluminum Spool NOS Ebay $20.oo

Accurate Aluminum Handle and Knob Purple  $70.00

Alantani.com Stainless Steel Gear Sleeve $26.00

Smooth drags.com Carbon Matrix Drags  $8.00

Stainless Steel Posts Ebay $19.00

Stainless Steel Drag Sleeve from Pro Challenger $7.00

This Penn 49 is narrow.  Basically the same inside the frame width as the Penn Squidder 146, but much deeper!


Now the wait for parts and upgrades, more pictures of the finished build later!


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