Newell 332 Fishing Reel

Just a disclaimer here, this is my first Newell reel.  I have never fished one or serviced one. So this will be a new adventure for all.  After some research and guidance from the Newell Nut on I secured a no letter Newell 332 reel off eBay.  Please also note that this is by far the most money I have ever spent on a reel from eBay.  I paid $199.00 which included free shipping.

Newell Nut promised that with the proper rinsing and care it would be the last reel I would ever need of this size.  Considering that Newell has been out of business for a number of years now, and parts are getting harder to come by, it better last!  Comparing sizes to Penn:

  • 200 series Newell reels are equivalent in size to Penn Squidders
  • 300 series Newell reels are equivalent in size to Penn Jigmaster

The difference is the size of gears and drags and the amount of stainless steel that Newell used and the weight in the construction of these reels.

A 200 series Newell has the same gears and drags as the Penn Jigmaster and its 5:1 ratio instead of 3:1.  It’s like having a Squidder on steroids!  Few upgrades are needed in the Newell as they are already stainless steel on the inside.  Here is a link to a blog that explains the numbering and letter codes that Newell used to describe the reels. Newell

I will be upgrading the 5+1 stack drag washers to Carbon matrix and SS clicker and assembly and frame screws to SS Hex.  I will see about the handle and knob once I get to use it!

First the breakdown:

Look at all the stainless steel.  This reel was made for strength, corrosion resistance and a lifetime of enjoyment.  Free spool is quite amazing.  I would add that this reel so easy to work on. It does not have the through the frame screws as some of the Newell models that are prone to seizing in place.   One final note, this will not be my last Newell reel.  The next will have to be a 200 series!








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