The Penn Squidder 146 Reloaded

I love the narrow spools and easy casting ability of these little dreams.  Dual spool bearings with an aluminum spool and you are well on your way to casting 20lb mono with ease!  The original specs for this reel which came out in the 60’s was 220 yards of 20b mono.  I will be spooling this one with 20b mono.  These little reels are not good with braid.  The gap between the spool and frame is a known braid eater!  3.3:1 ratio on the gearing:

  • Reinforced side plates.
  • Counterbalanced grip handle.
  • Chrome plated brass exposed metal components.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings and pinion gear and a high strength bronze alloy main gear.
  • Easy to operate star drag.
  • HT-100 multi-disc star drag.
  • Counterbalanced grip handle.
  • Dual Eccentric System.146

This one came of Ebay for $40.00.  When I took it down to inspect the parts I found that the previous owner had used it for some time with a loose handle and had seriously damaged the gear sleeve.  The top of the sleeve had been rounded off and actually split.  Looking closer at the handle the knob was nearly separated from the handle. So all that slop in the movement destroyed the gear sleeve.  Drags were old and dirty.   The reel had some pitting and corrosion on the frame and bars.  Several of the screws  were locked in place. The left hand bearing cup was corroded in place requiring vice grips to remove from side plate.  Bearings required multiple soakings in lighter fluid to bring back to life.

First up order the new gear sleeve from, some news Smoothdrag carbon matrix drags and  SS drag washers. I should note that a SS gear sleeve was available but I don’t see any reason to spend the money as I will not be using this little guy past its original recommended drag settings.  Tiburon P16 frame in silver from Vintage Offshore Tackle, Randy Pauly.  I will be Magging this little guy with rare earth magnets to prevent backlashing for the occasional fisher person.

IMG_6548146 complete.jpg

The original knob needed to be removed with a little help from my Dremel tool and a grinding stone.  Looking for the right knob to replace the original.  Maybe a small Eva ball bearing knob would do the trick from Pro Challenger.








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