Newell P220-5 Fishing Reel Upgraded

This is the third Newell that I have tuned recently in what has become another addiction.  Super light weight, all stainless steel, incredible free spool  and corrosion resistant.  What more can you ask for in a reel?  How about strong as an Ox?  Newell reels with upgraded drags accomplish this too!

High Speed SS bearings with TSI 321 high speed oil

Spooled with 20b mono …ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ plop!

The P220 comes with Stainless Steel guts and Stainless Steel gears at 5:1 retrieve.  .   I have not put this one on the scale but I can estimate at least a 30% increase in drag strength.  You could easily use 30lb mono on this upgraded reel.  Don’t forget to use Cal’s grease on the drag stack!  Smooth as butter baby!


I guess I lucked out because this one was one of the early P’s that had the SS gear sleeve with the additional drag washer under the main gear!  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes!  Opened her up and she even had new open bearings on one side for easy cleaning!  Really could not be any happier with this investment!  Tight lines!




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