Surf Blasters

While I was in Florida I became interested in fishing the miles of ocean beaches around Daytona, New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet.  It was a new type of fishing for this farm boy fishing small streams and rivers flowing up.  The concept of cast and wait was new to me.  The concept of casting 4 oz and bait into the wind was new to me too!  Needless to say the learning curve was steep.

However, once I got the right gear and practiced, getting the gear out to the fish in the right area was easier.  11-12′ rods with ABU 6500 CT sized reels, spooled with 50b braid and 30lb shock leaders handled everything from Bluefish to Sharks to 5′.  I am convinced now that casting technique and having the reel properly set up is the key to happiness fishing the surf.

I researched long distance casting and landed on the CT frames from ABU and a custom one piece frame out of England, called the QTC.  The QTC is solid as a rock and will not torque under load.  Free spool is excellent.  The ABU frame converted CT with SS bar is strong but not the same as then piece frame.  I put after market mag control on each of them to control them in the changing conditions at the beach.

Good clean bearings, carbon matrix drags, ground flat drag washers, with 6:1 gears.  I upgraded the handles to counterbalanced power handles with larger knobs for more cranking power and it is appreciated when you hook the beast.




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