Penn 112 3/0 Black Reconditioned

Estate sale find down the road from the house.  It was attached to an old Harnell rod and looked pretty beat.  For $12.00 for the both of them and a little time on my hands on Saturday, I decided to take the plunge.  Penn 113 Black with drags accessible from the outside of the reel.  She was the first one that I had worked on in that configuration.  Interesting design and engineering in the drag system.  The root beer colored knob on the handle is intriguing and cleaned up nicely.

As the picture demonstrates she had saltwater corrosion and pitting on most of the chrome parts.  The base was particularly pitted and brass was showing through after the vinegar bath.  Support posts are all but brass.  Handle took some time and buffing to bring back.  The spool was in remarkably good shape considering the rest of the reels condition.  Light pitting that cleaned up well.

Inside she was as perfect as the day she came off the assembly line.  SS gears and pinion bright and perfect.  Drags were toast and they will difficult to find replacements as the felt pad and spacer are no longer bing made.  Time to reach out to some online friends!  This thing has granny gears!  I think it like 2:1 gearing.  The gears are big and deep so plenty of strength.  Maybe a good bottom fishing reel.  Its more like a winch!  If I end up fishing it, a new longer handle will be in order!

Tiburon still makes a frame for it, and a kit to make it wide.  I noticed you can get SS frame posts, even an aluminum spool.  I just don’t know about the application with those low granny gears.  So she may stay stock and be destined to the shelf.



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