Build Notes for the 4/0 Tank

The SS Yoke was getting stuck under the bridge and was generally too difficult to engage.  I took the SS yoke and ground the edge to a slight ramp where the jack rides up the edge to engage and disengage.  I used the Dremel tool to do the fine grinding.  After  grinding the engagement and disengagement of the yoke,  I polished it to a bright mirror finish, greased it up and installed it.  Here are some photo’s of the process.

Next was the jack.  The before and after pictures below show the original Jack unpolished and the after picture of the polished jack.  Combining Jack and the Yoke and the operation is butter smooth.

Heavy marine grade grease on and in everything but spool bearings gives additional protection against salt water corrosion.  In addition, the screws will never lock in place as a result of lubing each of them thoroughly.


Newell spool is the ticket!  Perfect condition,  special thanks to Randy and Vintage Offshore Tackle.


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