Reef fishing central Florida. 

Dwight Webb was a fine host and coach on this weekends fishing off New Smyrna beach.  This was my first time fishing for big shouldered Cobia, Snapper and Grouper.  It was also my first Party Boat fishing trip.  Equipped with my Penn 4/0 and 60-110 lb rated rod I thought I was ready.  “Drop em” said the captains voice over the loudspeaker and everyone deployed there bait and weight to the bottom. Bump bump holy _hit reel reel reel pop!

“Ok”I said out loud now I know what to expect.  Well these dudes like to go right back to the reef holes as soon as you hook them!  Lock down the drag and reel! Not as easy as it sounds!  Red snapper and mango snapper are tough dudes!  50 lb mono and leaders, 6/0 hooks still pop you off.  I managed to bend and twist a new Stainless Steel handle to the drag star while fighting something big.

I think I’m going to have to go thicker on this style handle or just go back to a solid handle!
Beautiful day, lots of fishing coming over the rail.  All in all it was a good learning experience and good company.  Can’t wait to try it again!


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