Penn 4/0 Narrow (Black Widow) Yellowtail Special

The next project is a Penn 113HN tanked (Yellowtail Special).  Stainless steel guts, 4:1 gears and massive drag upgrades, SS power handle and knob. This one will be double dogged sitting on a SS bridge from Pro Challenger.  Color combination is black Cortez side plates with black Tiburon frame and a blood red Tiburon spool.


BP Dble Dog Bridge for Penn 113H

1280px-Latrodectus_hasseltii_closeBlack widow 4:0 Penn NArrow


5 thoughts on “Penn 4/0 Narrow (Black Widow) Yellowtail Special

  1. Well the 113HN is the Black Widow… and I really like how it turned out. Great drag, super strong and corrosion resistant, found a great handle and she is ready!

  2. Is there bearing support for the handle?
    Like the US113 has.
    We’re u able to keep the stub disconnecting pinion stub shafts?

  3. OK, my confusion is that I thought the 113HN always meant the Baja or the newer US113 ?

    I’m still trying to make sense of the Penn model numbers….Jeff

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