Stainless Steel Guts Penn 113H 4/0

Finally we have true stainless steel mechanics inside the 4/0.  Pro Challenger just released the SS bridge and its double dogged!  Using his SS gear, pinion, jack, and sleeve, and bridge will deliver more strength and corrosion resistance than previously available for this popular model.  Now include the drag inserts from Motive Fabrications or the 7+1 drag system from Bryan Young and you have a +45lb drag reel.  Test results: Results 

To take full advantage of the potential of these reels, consider mounting all this on a set of Cortez Conversions, aluminum side plates with SS mounting hardware.

Lastly, to keep everything where it should be, consider a one piece frame from Tiburon, Randy Pauly at Vintage Offshore has a great selection!

Maximum strength, maximum corrosion resistance, maximum drag, maximum free spool!


Tight lines!

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