Motive Fabrication Reel Handles

Motive Fab offset handle 4/0

From Motive Fabrications Website:

“These offset handles move the knob closer to the reel centerline, for less torque on the rod when reeling under heavy drag. Made from 316 stainless for strength and corrosion resistance. The handle hole is available in 3 sizes: 3/16” is standard for the smaller Senators, 5/16” is standard for the larger senators, and 6mm for many aftermarket handles. There are 2 positions where the handle can be used. The short position for more speed, or the long position for more power.”

I installed this one on a Custom Penn 4/0 narrow.  I am very happy with the balance and adjustability.  This should pretty much complete this build.  Still holding out hope that one of the skilled professionals on manufactures a stainless steel eccentric lever.


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