ReelSpeed bearing pullers v.2

The email came from out of the blue.  It had been so long I had forgotten I was even on the list for the second generation of Reelspeed’s Miniature Bearing Puller kit.   I searched for several months last year for this device only  ever running into one dead end after another.  So this was welcome news!  For those that invested time digging out a corroded bearing from a side plate or a bearing cup, only to have damaged them both.  This tool eliminates those frustrations.

Now I can dig out the box with the plates and cups that I had given up on.  Pop those bearings out and have usable parts for spares or replacements.

Build is solid.

5 sizes of tips:

3MM,  1/8″, 4MM, 5MM and 6MM

More than adequate for my needs!


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