Newell Drags

Newell made two drag options.  The first and arguably the best is the original 4 stack drag system:

Original 4 stack Newell drag system

The original P models had them.  Notice the washer mounted on the drag sleeve.  It provides the additional drag surface for the system.  Most of the Newell reels were made without that little valuable addition.  Thus the 3 stack standard drag stack.  Now you can still upgrade the 3 stack with one of the Bryan Young’s 5+1 drag upgrades:


The upgraded drag system above and the stock drag system below.   Both the original 4 stack with new Carbon Fiber drags are strong and smooth through the whole range as is the Bryan Young 5+1 system.  A quote from a contributor on

“The 3 stack works quite well with CF and Cal’s. Newell 4 stacks are a little stronger and  the 5 stack is the strongest. Installing a 5 stack on a Newell  is the slickest of all. I fish my 338 around 18 lbs which is high for a 300 and it is smooth with 40 mono. I think for most people the drag on a 300 at 12 to 15 is great and still depends on what kind of fish you are messing with. I have picked up a 20 lb dumbbell with a fresh installed 3 stack on a 338 and I have pushed one to 32 on a scale in my 338. Can’t fish there but it will hold. Pushing tools to the limit is not wise for fishing but you know what it can take”

All my 200 series Newell’s have the 4 stack with new CF and Cal’s.  Strong and smooth.  My 300 series reels have Bryan Young’s 5+1 stack.  SS washers, CF drags, and Cal’s this set-up is more than capable.

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