Meet the Super Jigmaster

Custom Penn Jigmaster 049

Custom Penn Jigmaster 044
Super Jigmaster 2
Custom Penn Jigmaster 046
Super Jigmaster 3


The new kid on the block is the Super 3″ wide Jigmaster!   Outfitted with all the latest upgrades from the good folks on

  • Cortez Conversions side plates with bearings
  • SS guts from Alan Chui at Pro Challenger
  • SS star and handle from Motive Fab
  • Custom Drags from Motive Fab
  • Custom Frame and Spool from Tiburon via Randy @ Vintage Offshore (Love the Ulua Graphics!)

This one goes with me to Hawaii with the 4/0 super wide below

Big Brother 2



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5 Responses

  1. jeffrey antolin

    love the green superjig,is there anyway i can purchase the star and the handle and knob,i’m building my superjig,thats the coolist sj i ever seen.

  2. Ryan Domingo

    Hey I’m having some trouble with my super jigmaster build. The stock screws for the plates are too long and the eccentric lever is a bit hard to move? Any advice?

    Ryan which screws are too long? The head plate screws? I have generally used the stock screws for that or you can grind down the screw to a shorter length. The eccentric is fussy. Did you go all stainless on the other enternals?

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