Fishing Reel Bearing Removal Tool

I bit the bullet and shelled out the cash for a miniature bearing removal tool from Reel speed.  I got a Newell reel in that had the bearing corroded into place in the bearing cup.  In the past this would have been soaked in penetrating oil, heated, cooled, repeated until it either came out or a new bearing cup was required as my patience wears out.  Either way it was safe to assume the bering was toast.  This process would take hours.

ReelSpeed Bearing Puller Kit V.2

Now that process is reduced to a few minutes.  Inserted the proper size tip from the bearing puller, screwed in the pin and click.  Bearing came out without destroying the bearing, cup or my patience.  Slick!  Highly recommended!

ReelSpeed Bearing Puller Detail

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