New Aluminum Side Plates for Newell 300 Series Fishing Reels

I had the pleasure of building a Newell reel for a customer today that included the new Cortez Conversions aluminum side plates offered by Bryan Young.  They are everything that we have come to expect from Cortez Conversions.  Fit was perfect, craftsmanship outstanding and finish is superb.

This reel started life as a Newell 338 J.  We installed the new 5+1 drags from Bryan and his plates on a new Tiburon frame.  We also upgraded the handle and knob.  This off set handle and knob came from Ulua Junkies and is a retrofitted Shimano.  This all black beauty is going to scream!  If you want to add strength without a lot more weight this upgrade is the ticket!

Newell Aluminum Side Plates (Cortez Conversions)

2 thoughts on “New Aluminum Side Plates for Newell 300 Series Fishing Reels

  1. Hey man i have a newell p332-m and ise it to shark fish. I would like to know more about upgrades as to the ones i just read about with the cortez conversion and tiburon frame.

  2. Hey Carl! Tiburon frames are available as are drag upgrades depending on which drags sleeve you have in your reel. Newell made a 3 and 4 disc drag system. Do you know which one you have? Also most guys get an upgraded handle/knob too!

    Let me know!


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