Newell NL 540 5.5 Fishing Reel

This reel was found on Ebay this month for $64.99 delivered.  Appears to be in new condition on the inside and 80% of the outside.  Knob, Eccentric Lever Knob and Side Plate shows signs of BBQ gone bad.

So from this day on it will be called the Smore!  First,  tear every thing down and clean, lubricate and inspect.  Knob would not rotate on handle without extra force.  Remove knob and insert rat tail file, a few strokes and knob spins freely on handle.  Knob shows signs of being near the fire too long with bubbling and on one edge.  400 grit sand paper back to smooth no edges to catch line of clothing.  Drags were smooth but replaced them with Carbon from  Bearings were in perfect condition.  Lubed them TSI-321 spool spins forever!

Handle side plate is toasty.  But, after inspection I could not find anything that was being affected by the toasty plate!  The metal side rings kept everything aligned and the bridge sits squarely on the plates.  Gears are perfectly aligned and crank smoothly. Drag is perfect.

I don’t mind looking at the bubbling surface scar to the plate!  Gives it some character!  Maybe down the road I invest in a SS Eccentric knob and even some of Bryan Young’s Aluminum side plates when they come out.  But for now she is ready to to fish and onto my surfcasting rod she goes!  All in all, I would say this one of my best eBay finds to date!

One thought on “Newell NL 540 5.5 Fishing Reel

  1. Me too, I bought the 540 5.5 on eBay and love it. For some reason the Newell catches more fish than my USA senator penn which is also nice. All I’ve done is grease and maintain. The reel whistles when I cast my 10oz spider lead and hits 100 yds almost every time. 6 months owned and already one Ulua under its belt. Cheeee!!

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