Newell 332-5 vs Penn Custom 99 width Jigmaster

Comparing the Newell 332-5 to a custom Penn 99 width Jigmaster.  Background information for the comparison:

Custom Penn 99 Jigmaster has been upgraded with all Stainless Steel internals and has Bryan Young 5+1 drag stack.   They both have SS on the inside, Newell spools and Tiburon frames.  Gears on the Penn are 4:1 vs the 5:1 on the Newell.


  • Sizes are equivalent and spool capacity are close
  • Weight is a major point, the Newell is substantially less wieght
  • Free Spool is similar, but the Newell spins longer
  • Penn has a solid feel and look
  • Corrosion resistance goes to the newell and it’s graphite side plates and SS plates rings
  • Casting with 4 oz lead…Newell’s reputation is real, these things really cast well.
  • Drag strength is the next test

Newell 332 vs. Penn 99 Jigmaster


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