Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z 300A Fishing Reel

These are my first observations of the Daiwa line of bait casters designed for surf casting. This one came across my workstation having been used and pretty well maintained.  Here are the pro’s and con’s from what I learned:


  • 5 disk drag
  • Free spool and spool speed adjustments were good (floating spool)
  • Bearing supported drag sleeve


  • Screws.  Frame screws were locked into place with Blue Loctite.    They are small screws that are made of soft metal.  Damn near impossible to remove.  In one case, I had to cut a new channel in the screw to remove it.  Add some salt water corrosion and I can see how this could render these reels useless.  High maintenance is required for longevity.
  • The line guide is small and made of thin metal that easily bends.
  • On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is an easy to service reel and 10 meaning a real *itch, this one was a 8.
  • Corrosion has many places to take hold on this model and had caused some pretty bad damage to the inside of the reel.  Combine this with the tiny screws and even with real attention to keeping the reel protected you will have problems at some point if used in the saltwater.
  • The drags sleeve bearing is protected by a very thin plastic washer that looks like an after thought.

We ordered a great looking handle and ball bearing knob from Jun Sonoda, owner of JapanTackle.com.  Jun was very helpful in determining the proper fit for this custom handle and knob.  The customer really wanted an off set handle for more cranking power.  I think he will be very happy with the results!  I think these would make excellent freshwater reels for heavier game fish.  As for using it for surf casting or casting live bait on the saltwater, the maintenance to keep it performing optimally would require constant attention.

Daiwa Millionaire 300A Custom Handle and Knob



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