DAM these are nice!

Recently came across a pair of DAM Quick reels from a fellow reel aficionado on Alantani.com.  Both have been serviced with new drags washers and the normal greasing and oiling.  They both were considered micro for their day.  The first is a 1967 DAM Quick Finessa 110 Microlite.  It was introduced in the 60’s.  Great little micro reel that is perfect for 4-6 lb test and will ride on my vintage Orvis Glass 4 piece trout rod.


The second is a step larger and more difficult to find 1968 DAM Quick Finessa 221.  The 221 is the 5:1 retrieve version of the 220.  It will fit perfect on my larger old fiberglass Fenwick backpacking  trout rod loaded with 8 lb mono.

Operation – These reels are not  15 bearing Shimano’s.  In most cases you get one bearing.  These are 50 year old wonders of German engineering.  They are extremely well made with very tight tolerances, most say they are over built.  These were made to last a lifetime!  Turning the handle with the clicker engaged brings a familiar click that feels solid and supported.  Bail with new spring easily engages with a minimal amount of effort with smooth but firm click.  Drags seem to be smooth at the drag I would fish them.

DAM began making reels just before WWII. Roland Lindenberg has the history of the company and all the model numbers by manufacturing years here:

History of DAM Quick Fishing Reels

Construction – Components use oversize steel bearings, steel worm drive, pinion supported at both ends, oversize main gear made from phospher cut bronze, steel crank shaft, 8 position positive A/R that stops the gear every 45 degrees at the main gear — not the rotating head.  Well I know these two will be around at least another 50 years!

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