Newell R220-5 Fishing Reel

It is inevitable once you start down the Newell road, you will be lured into the pretty colored Newell’s from yesteryear.  I started with a P220-5.  Amazed at its weight, strength and casting, I soon had a 229-5, then a 332-5, than 338-5, than a 540-5 and then stumbled upon a R220-5.  Just something about these colored reels are amazing.  They command a premium on the market and I guess it is worth it just for a change of pace.  This one is as a result of a trade, so I did not have to shell out any cash.

Hot bath 2
Hot bath 2

The previous owner had never serviced it.  Well I should say that he did squirt grease into it somehow to the point of it seeping out of every crack.  Add many years of use in the surf striper fishing and well you get the idea below.  Bearing popped right out of the cups, screws were fine coming out of the frame even though it was filled with sand and grease.

Too much?
Too much?


New spool bearings, and new drags, many baths and towels later it was reborn.  I would say that it cleaned up well for the use it has received over the years.  Just a little elbow grease, polishing and tweaking and back into the game she goes!

R220-5 Before
Red Newell R220-5 before



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