Penn Long Beach 60 Reel

Denise Lopes from Manetca, CA etched his name in the foot of this early LB 60 in December 1946.  For a 71 year old reel I would say this is in pretty darn good condition.  No saltwater corrosion anywhere, just the signs of average use.  After an enjoyable lunch and conversation with my friend Ted, he presented this to me on a one piece split bamboo casting rod that was from the early 60’s, also in excellent condition.  That Ted is quite a guy!


I will be doing a bit of research on the reel to identify its approximate date of manufacture.  There are no numbers on the foot or interior parts.  Tail plate has the fisherman and lighthouse.  Flat adjustment knob.  The handle is butterscotch and the counterbalance has no lines.  The plastic spool is what is throwing me off.

There are no markings of any kind on the rod.  Solid wooden handle with a round rubber butt cap.  50 year old bamboo rod the this as straight as the day it was sold!  Thanks again Ted!  They will become part of my permanent collection!



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