Daiwa 1000C Vintage Ultra lite reel

Doing some research the other day into vintage ultra lite spinning reels and found a all metal body Daiwa 1000C that fit the bill.  Wanted to replace a Shakespeare 025 from my childhood and just could not justify the $100.00 they are going for on eBay.  I happened on a DAM Quick 110 that was nice but a little heavy and not as smooth as the 025.  Well the Daiwa came in the mail today in time for Fathers Day!  $44.00 delivered.

It is tiny and mighty!  Three ball bearings, multiple disc drag system that has a metal body and spool!  Perfect little 6lb test spinning reel.  This will be mounted on the trusty Fenwick pack backing rod from 1982.  Fresh water fish beware!


Penn 450SS on the bottom, Daiwa 1000C top for size comparison.

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    Have you used it yet and how do you like it. I read where it takes 2-4-6-8 or 10 pound test line which is a great choice for ultralight fishing which is a great choice for ultralight fishing. I bought a couple of them on eBay very cheap and I like the feel of it as a solid real all metal I haven’t used mine yet but I will soon I’m not sure if it’s salt water friendly.

  2. Donald Lee

    I have five Daiwa 1000c reels including the one I bought when it first came out. I liked to carry an extra reel in the pocket of my fishing vest when I went trout fishing. It is a great reel.

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