Corrosion and reels


This is a Shimano Tekota 600 used for salmon fishing in the Puget Sound in Washington State for one season on a recreational boat.  On the outside it is pristine and seems to work ok.  It took two hours to get the handle off the drag sleeve from salt water intrusion and the resulting corrosion.  First I applied the penetrating oil, then heat with a torch, then into the freezer.  Repeat three times before it released.  The reel’s owner tells me that he was diligent in washing down the reels after use.  I believe him as the exterior is in perfect shape.  However, after getting the handle off and exposing the drag sleeve bearing and roller bearing I knew we were in trouble.  As you can see from the build up of salts that this reel needed immediate corrective action.   So this illustrates an important point.  Even brand new reels not properly lubricated will fail quickly in the saltwater.  Take your new reels in for proper lubrication before you start using them and they will last and perform for longer periods of time between service and repair!





  1. Hi Andy, been following your blog for a long time. I try making the same recommendation to many, but 95% of the time it falls on deaf ears. Even after you have serviced and repaired peoples reels, they still buy other new ones and won’t get them pre-serviced.

    Regards Chris (Rothmar2)


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