Grandpa’s Reels…

I work on many different reels.  However, none are more satisfying than bringing grandpa’s reels back to life.  A gentlemen brought me three reels that had come from his grandfather’s home after he had passed.  Penn 60, Penn Delmar 285 and a Pflueger Akron.  As a child he recalled using them with his grandfather fishing for Bluefish near Philadelphia, PA.  He wants them to troll for salmon and to bottom fish in the Puget Sound.

The reels are a little rough but nothing that can’t be fixed and even improved.  After a bath in vinegar solution to remove the green corrosion and a dip in the ultrasonic cleaner I can better see what we have to work on.   Spools are pretty rough but everything else is just fine.  I had a better condition spool from another project that I will install and get some new upgraded drag washers and metals to bring the drag up to current.    The rest will be stock.  Steel gears and pinion are in perfect shape.   I took some before pictures so that the customer can see the difference between now and how they both started.  These reels will be just fine for the intended purpose and hold up to many more years of use.  Grandpa is smiling!


After a good soak and some selective polishing the end results are great!  Bring on the salmon!



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