What do kids learn from you?

What do the kids learn from you?

Do they learn to drop garbage everywhere because everyone else leaves garbage on the river?

Do they learn that any fish hooked is to be culled, regardless of the rules?

Do they learn the rules and regulations of the sport?

Do they learn to help others enjoy the sport or are they just there to fill a tag?

Do they learn how to properly bleed a fish and to preserve its quality or are they just letting it slowly die on a stringer?

Kids are observant and smart.  They will emulate the behaviors of the adults.  What are they learning from you?

Encourage kids to enjoy the outdoors and fishing outings!  Instill respect for the environment by bringing home more garbage than you brought.  Demonstrate respect for the fish and game laws by releasing foul hooked fish and properly record your catches.  Review the rules pamphlets together.  Show your willingness to promote good fishing habits by helping others in the field and on the river.  Practice good processing practices by dispatching fish properly and preserving their quality.   The more that kids are involved the more they will respect the responsibilities of being an outdoorsman.


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