Idaho Fishing

Over the years I had heard that the lakes and streams of Idaho were filled with big fat trout, but I had heard that about many other places as well only to be let down.  Having fished here over the past 6 months I can say, this tale is true!


Handsome limit of beautiful fat trout.  Dunking garden worms still produces!



Solid 18 inch trout taken on a prince nymph


Nice 20″ taken on a dry fly at noon during a mayfly hatch on a stimulator pattern.



My go to assortment for fly fishing Idaho Trout!  Good quantity of dry’s in all the flavors.  Nymphs that are generally on the smaller size for these trout.  Its encouraging to note that I have fished only two locations this year and both were spots were not shared with anyone else fishing anywhere near me.  Quite a change from the rivers and lakes in Washington state!

Idaho has a diverse geography.  Southern Idaho is the northern most point of the high mountain desert and within 30 minutes you are in the mountains with pine,  fir and aspen.  Huge valley’s that are excellent range land for livestock, deer and elk.

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