Packaging your reel for shipment

We get many reels in different conditions.  From new in the box to 50+ year old treasures from grandpa.  When we package a reel to send back to the owner special care is taken to protect your investment.  First we always use Priority Mail Medium boxes.  They are brand new boxes and nice and rigid.  We wrap each reel in bubble wrap.  We line the box with larger bubble wrap.  We place your reel in a nest of bubble wrap so that when the box is taped shut, no movement is felt or heard.  We have never had a problem.

However, that is not how we get some of our reels.  We have seen everything.  Socks, tee shirts, newspapers, phone book pages, toilet paper, plastic bags, and the best one ever is nothing.  Just threw the reel in the box and taped her shut.  Good to go!  Well it showed up with the knob and handle hanging out of the side of the box.  This old Penn 9/0 is too heavy to just toss in the box.  Consequently, the handle. had to be replaced.  We are happy to do the extra repair, but do yourself a favor and package your reel as if it were an egg.  Less costly in the long run and better outcomes.

Happy Labor Day everyone!


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  1. Appreciate your attention to detail. My Penn internationals you worked on a couple years ago are still performing fine and handled a couple of nice feeder kings today.

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