How-to: Shimano Bantam 1500 LC Corroded Bearing to Spool Shaft

Shimano Bantam 1500 LC is a popular reel in the Puget Sound for salmon fishing.  The problem is that they are not longer made and parts are scarce.  I love working on them as they are pretty simple in design and function.  However, when the spool bearing is corroded to the spindle and you can’t even get the reel open to work on it…grrr!

Several days of heat, freeze, Kroil, heat, freeze, Kroil…repeat.  Still no go.  Insert prying device and destroy bearing from the outside first.  Then you are left with this little gem.


The inner race of the bearing securely on the spool shaft.  Since you just can’t find a pinion gear for these anymore you can’t get real aggressive around it or pop, throw away reel.  Let me introduce you to my little friend:


This Dremel cut off disc cuts perfect.  Gently cut the race vertically until you are just about through the race and stop.  You don’t want to damage the spool spindle.  Insert appropriate flat screw driver in the groove you just made and twist gently.  Pling…off comes the race.

Happy Labor Day every one!

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