Shimano Charter Special Fishing Reel – Upgraded

Graphite framed, stainless steel gear and pinion, huge drag surface, aluminum spool and lever drag, what’s not to like?

After servicing a few I have come to like what I see and feel. Lever drags are a different kind of reel than a star drag reel. I can see how this little reel could be a real salmon trolling machine. I would recommend them for trolling. They are not casting reels. But for the fisherman who is running downrigger for salmon in the Puget Sound it is really a great inexpensive option. $125 plus an upgraded handle and knob and you have a low maintenance, corrosion resistant reel that is easy to service and fish.

I got this handle and knob from Very high quality and more comfortable in the hand. Try one they are great!

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  1. fishaholic999

    I have searched at Alan Tani’s website and I could not find where he sells these. Could you please direct me to the page? Much appreciated.

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