Like any small business, your vendors play a huge role in your success.

I have been fortunate to have been doing this long enough to make some observations on reel manufactures and parts dealers.  Everyone that I have come in contact with in this small industry is genuine and nice.  All are eager to help and exceed my expectations for customer service and satisfaction.  Two of these vendors are at a whole different level of support and service. formerly, is by far the best vendor that I deal will on a daily basis.  I am not their largest customer nor their smallest.  One thing that is always consistent is the excellent service and accuracy of the parts orders.  Of all the orders that I have placed over the last year, only one part was pulled wrong. One!  That is service!  Once I brought it up it was replaced without question and sent to me the same day.  They get my vote for setting the very high bar standard for which every other vendor should strive. is my close second pick.  I don’t know how many drag kits I have bought over the last year but judging by the full zip lock bag of old drag washers on my workstation it has to be in the hundreds.  Again, without fail, with reels that are brand new to 50+ year old favorites Dawn never lets me down.  She is also a great source for bearings, lubes and handles.  Fast shipping at a very reasonable price!  You can’t ask for anything more.

Shimano direct is also pretty good if it is a current model. Easy ordering interface and fast cheap shipping.  Southwestern parts is my fall back for anything that I can’t find above.  As advertised, their inventory is huge and have saved many an old reel from the dust bin.

All the guys on have helped me a ton and have saved a few reels along the way.  I am very grateful for their guidance, patience and craftsmanship.  I would not be where I am today without them!  Keep those custom parts coming!


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