Bearings Bad, we have a puller!

I received my package yesterday from a fine gentleman in Chula Vista. In it was several unique bearing pullers for those pesky pocket bearings that just don’t want to come out. Several sizes to fit most needs. I had a Shimano Tekota side plate that I had given up on. The anti reverse bearing was bad and it was stuck in the side plate. 10 seconds later

This can and will if not properly used destroy the bearing. However this on had to be replaced anyway. So boom! Look him up on YouTube “Bearing Bad Puller”

Had made custom fit pullers in a couple of sizes. I also wanted to try out his pin pusher. More on that later.

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  1. Danny E Paternoster

    Hi my name is Danny I’m from Honolulu Hi how can I purchase a bearings Bad puller.

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