Let’s go fishing!

After it is all over and done, when we examine this past year’s challenges, it is our hope that each of us can find something in our life to feel gratitude towards. I personally did not fish as much as I had planned. I missed the upland bird season. We are expecting snow this week so maybe I can get out and chase a pheasant or two. However, my hunting partner and dog owner, is quarantined. I am thankful to have my health to be able to go fishing or hunting when the time allows and grateful for my wife and friends for their support. I feel fortunate to have met so many new customers and returning friends this year. Despite all the delays, parts supply chain issues and closures we managed to service a record number of reels in 2020. For that, I must say thank you! For those of you doing your 2021 planning, here are the last two years busiest months. Please stay safe and have a plentiful 2021. Let’s go fishing!

Busiest months 2019

Feb, March, April

Months with most reels in 2020

May, June, July

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